Goals of the IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V.

The association IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. pursues exclusively and directly charitable, benevolent and churchly purposes. The purpose of the IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. is to promote the school education of Indian children, as well as to support needy persons in India and to promote international understanding and tolerance in all areas of culture and religion. The principles of participation, the principle of help through self-help and the children's rights approach is the basis for the work of IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V.

One component of our work is our environment, in which children and young people have a chance to live in dignity, can develop their potential and are enabled to take their personal development into their own hands. Furthermore, the IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. feels committed to the goal of fighting poverty. A logical component of the projects to fight poverty is the satisfaction of basic needs such as drinking water supply and a balanced diet.

In addition, medical care, school education and further vocational training are to be improved. In the case of Indienhilfe Deutschland e.V., the projects that involve local partners in the planning and implementation are particularly important. These projects aim at the sustainable development of children and families; because only those who can make their own living are able to escape the vicious circle of poverty.

The IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. cooperates with local partners who work on a Christian basis and are committed to human rights and especially to the rights of children and young people in their country beyond the project work.

An important partner of IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. is the Catholic order of the Pilar Fathers (Society of Pilar).

With a donation of 5,- € or 22,- € you can help people in India. 5€ is the amount needed to feed one child for a month.

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