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Why we exist and why we need to exist!

For western eyes India is a country that is difficult to understand. On the one hand, there are highly specialized IT technicians, horrendous growth rates and an upper class that is in no way inferior to our standard of living and education. And on the other hand, there is so much misery. According to UNICEF, around 2.1 million Indian children die before their fifth birthday every year. Malnutrition, contaminated drinking water, human trafficking, exploitation and the severe discrimination against girls are just some of the reasons. What seems so strange to us is the fact that both sides exist side by side in a country that is no less than the largest democracy in the world. Why is this allowed? And is it not the Indian government's own responsibility to remedy these abuses? These questions and even more so the possible answers are important. One has to deal with them before one can really understand the objectives and functions of the IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. If you think about it, the reasons for the frightening poverty can quickly be found in the sheer overpopulation, the high birth rate, the Indian caste thinking or even the mistakes of the political system. With these thoughts in mind, one might conclude that it is neither in our hands nor our responsibility to tackle this misery. We cannot solve India's problems. So why should we try? It is exactly at this point that we from the IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. say: It is not about India. It is not about politics and it is not about 2.1 million children. It is about the three-year-old orphan girl who searches for food leftovers in the garbage. It is about the mother whose son dies because he cannot get fresh drinking water. It is about the father of a family who has to chase away his two daughters because even after working 14 hours a day he does not know how to feed them. It is about people. And we can help these people. We can solve their problems and give them a new life with relatively little effort.

We don't need to change the world for this; all we need is a little compassion and the willingness to share a fraction of our own wealth with others. In India we work with people who are willing to do much more. People who will dedicate their whole lives to providing as many children as possible with a safe home, education and the chance of a better future. Father Franklin, from the Christian Order of Pilar Fathers, came to Bhopal in 1986 to help the many people in need after the worst chemical accident in history. Today he runs various orphanages, schools, a leper colony and several nutrition projects together with his missionary brothers and sisters. Together with him we are implementing our "Education against poverty" approach. Each of the approximately 200 children who are admitted each year receive comprehensive schooling and education in addition to security, healthy nutrition and medical care. As an adult, they can finally take up a fairly paid job and provide for themselves and their families. Through this sustainable approach, we liberate people from the vicious circle of poverty year after year, while at the same time making them aware that we as human beings stand up for one another - kindness that transcends all geographical, cultural and religious boundaries. The trust we have developed with our Indian partners, which is further enhanced through ongoing dialogue and regular visits, guarantees that every euro donated actually reaches where it is needed. Compared to other aid organisations, the IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. is small, but it is precisely this manageability that makes absolute transparency and reliability possible. The honesty and efficiency with which we transform every donation into new hope is certified by the German Donation Council, among others. But our donors, supporters and sponsors can also see the success of our projects very for themselves via this homepage, our Facebook page, current press work and our annual members' magazine. Just click through these pages and discover fascinating people and stories that only life can write. Together with your support we can and want to achieve a lot more.

Mission Statement of the IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V.

The mission of IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. is to provide school education for Indian children, to support people in need in India and to promote international awareness, tolerance and appreciation in all areas of culture and religion. The principles of participation and the children's rights approach are the basis for the work of IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. Special emphasis is placed on sustainability by helping people to help themselves. Our projects should contribute to achieving and securing the autonomy and independence with which those affected can shape their lives in the long term.

One component of our work, for example, is to provide suitable surroundings in which children and young people have the chance to live a dignified life, grow up in safety, develop their potential and are put in a position to take their personal development into their own hands.

Furthermore, IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. is committed to achieving the goal of eradicating poverty. An essential part of the projects against poverty is the satisfaction of basic needs such as drinking water supply and a balanced diet. Here too, the sustainability of the projects is an essential goal.

In addition, there is also the improvement of medical care. School education and further vocational training are at the core of IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. as a method of combating poverty and lack of opportunities.

Above all, projects that involve local partners in their planning and implementation are important to IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. These projects aim at the sustainable development of children and families; because only those who can make their own living are able to escape the vicious circle of poverty. The IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. cooperates with local partners who work predominantly on a Christian basis and who are committed to human rights and especially to the rights of children and young people in their country beyond the project work. The direct partner of IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. is the Catholic order of the Pilar Fathers (Society of Pilar).

The association IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. pursues exclusively and directly charitable, benevolent and churchly purposes. The activities of the association are carried out on an honorary basis. The association is selflessly active and does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes. The funds of the association may only be used for the purposes laid down in the statutes. The members do not receive any allowances from the association's funds.

Only 5,- € is the price for the amount of rice needed to feed a child in India for one month.

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