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Greselius High School, Bramsche
Prakash Vidhyalaya Higher Secondary School, Bhopal


Anja Karliczek MdB

Federal Minister of Education and Research

Partnership agreement

Greselius High School initiates German-Indian student exchange:

Perfect preparation for the trip to Inida

When the plane to India takes off on September 22, 2017, the five students of Greselius High School will begin a 10-day journey for which they have been preparing for months. Together with two teachers they will visit their Indian partner school in Bhopal. The project is initiated and coordinated by the IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. from Wallenhorst.

Marina Henschel, Natalie Lübker, Sharleen Miebach, Rabea Thies and Maike Mikosch are of course already a little bit excited when they fly to India in about two weeks time. The four students are accompanied and prepared by their teacher Ilona Aumann and the headmistress Barbara Bolz. Together they have been intensively engaged with the country and its people in their own India workshop.

The foreign language, the social customs, health risks, the climate, the food, the cultural differences - all this was dealt with in detail. The highlight of the preparations was the all-day training on 27 August, when two native Indians from Hamburg and Düsseldorf arrived to give important tips and advice. Ms. Shukal and Mr. Raja reported on their country of birth and explained to the students how to behave in India and what it is better not to do.

Of course, the six-member delegation can also draw on the experience of IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. After all, every year members travel to Bhopal to visit successful projects and initiate new ideas. So there is no lack of good advice. In addition, the students of course enjoy the hospitality of Father Franklin, who will show them everything on site.

"It will still be a cultural shock," laughs Jürgen Fluhr, the chairman of the association, who visits the country regularly. He is pleased that the first German-Indian school exchange is now becoming reality. "The idea behind our school partnerships is that we bring young people closer to other cultures and the need for global responsibility," he explains. " With this background, I am sure that this trip will be of immense importance for the further development of the school partnerships.

"We wish the travellers all the best and are eager to hear what they will tell about this multi-faceted country, its culture and people.

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