School partnership

Sankt Bernhard Primary School, Rulle
Assisi Bawadi School, Bhopal


Dr. Hans Gert Pöttering MdEP

Former EU president

Partnership agreement

Musical "Lotus flower rain" by 4th grade students - August 2011

The students of the 3rd and 4th grades of St. Bernard Primary School in Rulle were diligent and wrote the first letters to their partner school, the Assisi Bawadi School in India. In total 140 letters were written by the students of the 3rd grade in German and by the students of the 4th grade in English.

In these first friendship letters the children introduced themselves personally and then focused on their hobbies and favourite dishes. In addition, most of the children embellished their letters with small paintings. Thus princesses, houses with beautiful gardens, children flying kites and children playing football were drawn.The headmistress Mrs. Meier handed over the collected works to the chairman of the IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. with the request to hand them over to Father Franklin and his students.

A travel group of 8 people, under the leadership of the IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V., will visit Father Franklin and the partner schools in India for 10 days starting October the 13th 2010. In addition to the school partnership letters from HRS Bohmte and St. Bernhard Primary School Rulle, the travelers will have other surprises for the partner schools in their luggage. The children of the Assisi Bawadi School and the Father Agnel School will receive soccer balls, soccer jerseys and glasses. The German children are already waiting full of hope for the return of the travel group, because there will certainly be the reply letters in their luggage.

140 letters for the partner school in India

3rd school project - baking waffles

2nd India event in Rulle, October 2010

1st India Information Day for all grades

Signing of the partnership agreement, 17/04/2010

Celebration of the school partnerships with the Haupt- and Realschule Bohmte

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