Who, how, where?

Who we are

We are a steadily growing team of mainly volunteers and together with partners in India we carry out various projects to fight poverty and promote equal educational opportunities with the aim of helping people to become independent. In addition, we support numerous German-Indian school partnerships to promote cultural exchange between children of the two countries. Our members are a diverse mix of students and professionals from all disciplines and age groups.

In the summer of 2020, the various aid organisations that have supported Father Franklin and his children in Bhopal for decades jointly founded the Indienhilfe Foundation. Their foundation capital generates annual proceeds that are used to provide care and education for the children - even when we are all long gone.

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Father Franklin und Kinder

How we help

With the aim of capacity building, we have initiated numerous projects with a focus on education, poverty alleviation and basic services. Children in India are given a structural and long-term perspective - from their childhood to the start of their professional life - in order to create equal opportunities. In addition, we are committed to the long-term fight against poverty and the general improvement of the supply of food, drinking water and hygiene facilities. We implement all of this with the help of local partners who ensure the successful implementation of the projects.

From Germany, in addition to funding from the federal government and various foundations, we organise private fundraising in the form of different donation campaigns, such as charity runs. Through constant exchange with those responsible on site, we can ensure that the donations are used for what they were intended for: capacity building and the fight against poverty.

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Frauen in einem Slum

Where we help

India is a country of contrasts. As the tenth largest industrialised nation, it has an illiteracy rate of 40 per cent and 450 million people below the poverty line, but at the same time it has many highly skilled computer specialists.

For every 100 children born in India today

...65 do not officially exist because they have no birth certificate.

...6 to 7 will not live to see their first birthday.

...only one in two will be vaccinated against the most dangerous childhood diseases.

...only 25 will successfully complete primary school.

Since it is above all children and women who suffer the most from these contrasts, we support them in particular with our projects in order to put an end to the inequality in India that we can hardly imagine.

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