Overview of projects from 2013 to 2019

2013: Well construction in Shanti Nagar (private donation)

2014: Start of mechatronics/welding training for young people from Bhopal at GTTI in Coimbatore (private donations). Every year, India Aid Germany finances a three-year dual training course for the best graduates in cooperation with GTTI through donations, following the German model.

2014: First goat donations for the indigenous people of India (private donations)

2014: Construction of a sewing school in Shanti Nagar, where 30 women and girls are trained as tailors every year. The sewing school was financed with BMZ funds and is still being run very successfully today, giving 30 girls a future in a self-determined life every year.

2015: Purchase of new grain seeds after a field fire (private donations)

2015: Many fruits for many years - 3,000 lychee trees for Jharkhand. A project together with the Erbacher Foundation for indigenous Adhivasi families

2016: "Water is life" project: health care for sensitive groups. Sustainable improvement of the drinking water supply in Shanti Nagar with the PAUL water purification system with financial support from the Lower Saxony Bingo Environmental Foundation.

2017: Many fruits for many years - Overcoming poverty with lychee trees. 8850 lychee trees for the indigenous people in Jharkhand, Arunachal and Jalpaigur. The project was financed by the Erbacher Foundation.

2017: More than 300 "suitcases" for the basic equipment for the school beginners (every child gets a suitcase with all important utensils as a gift)

2017 - 2019: Bees in Bhopal - "BiBho" - the first sustainable student company in India. With financial support of the Bingo Environmental Foundation

2018: Construction of a new well system for a secure water supply for the 800 children in Shanti Nagar

2019: "Helping people to help themselves - overcoming poverty with goats and avoiding rural exodus". 250 goats for the indigenous population in Jharkhand. With financial support from the Erbacher Foundation.

2019: Construction of a girls' hostel in the new Bhopal Job Training Centre (BBZB). With financial support of the foundation RTL- Wir helfen Kindern e.V.

2019: It's all about milk! 25 water buffalos for a sustainable improvement in food security for disadvantaged children and young people in Bhopal, India. A new stable and 25 water buffaloes are 75% financed by the BMZ.

2014 - 2018: 103 child sponsorships are currently completed through Indienhilfe

Currently, Indienhilfe has 9 school sponsorships with the schools and kindergartens of the Society of Pilar.

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