Brochure about the corona crisis

A life's work is in jeopardy

Due to the Corona crisis, we all experience limitations, have to give up our habits, renounce our beloved comforts. Many of us are worried about economic losses or health risks. For Father Franklin and his children, however, the lack of donations from Germany is existentially threatening.

In times of crisis, the well-being of one's own family takes priority, of course. It is therefore completely understandable that the amount of donations is declining everywhere. That also affects us severely. Even more serious for Father Franklin, however, is the fact that all events have been canceled, through which the majority of the necessary donations have been collected so far:

  • no school events (social days, sponsor runs, bazaars, etc., approx. 70,000 € are lacking)
  • no hunger march of the Indienhilfe Franklin e.V. (about 40.000 Euro are lacking)
  • no events of the Kleine Bühne Landau (approx. 10.000 Euro are lacking)
  • no actions and projects with companies, organisations and and and and and...

Our volunteers from the IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. can hardly acquire donations as well. Our office hours are limited, public life stands still.

What this means for Franklin's children:

Franklin can provide complete care for a child for only 22 euros a month. With currently 1,048 children in his care, however, this adds up to a proud 23,056 euros, which he needs every month. We at IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V. have contributed 8,000 euros to these costs so far, with the rest being covered by our partner organisations in southern Germany.

However, since we are currently only left with the membership fees, we had to tell Franklin the hard news that we can only raise 4,000 Euros per month - and the situation is no different with the other organisations.

We can hardly imagine what it means for Franklin's children if suddenly half of the money from Germany is missing. Even now the children only get one meal a day. He would have to send many of them back - but where to? Anyone who still has a family in the slums will only find hunger and misery there. The choice will be one of the most difficult in his life.

Help to ensure that it affects as few children as possible!

In this exceptional situation, every euro counts. Donate for Franklin's children and give them a future. Together we have already overcome many crises. We are sure that we will succeed this time as well.

Thank you for your good deed in bad times:

Donate to IndienHilfe Deutschland e.V.!

Bank details:

Sparkasse Osnabrück

IBAN: DE82 2655 0105 1551 7802 71


Volksbank Osnabrück e.G.

IBAN: DE35 2659 0025 6006 5656 00


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